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Grow on social media!

Why should you join?


Save time

Content takes time. Get your photos, texts and ideas straight into your inbox. Every month you get beautiful, high-quality & professional images, as well as eye-catching, customizable captions.

Say hello to all your new free time and increased presence and engagement on your social channels!



Get a monthly plan and strategy to grow on social channels, gain more followers and higher engagement. You also get tips on content that gets your followers and customers to interact and get involved. All you need to do now is publish and sit back while your company reaches more fans and potential customers.  



By joining Social Sam, you become part of something bigger. You get access to

an exclusive group of self-employed and entrepreneurs that you can contact, get tips from and exchange lessons with. Everything to grow your brand and company via social media further!

Why join Sam
Who is Social Sam for?

Are we a match?

Social Antrepreneur is developed for self-employed people who have started or want to start their own consultancy business. Social media is a common and inexpensive tool for the self-employed to find new customers and reach out with their message on the market.


As a self-employed person, you work extra hard - like an ant (therefore the name ANTrepreneur); you often take on many roles, and everyday life easily becomes full of things you have to do to find and land business deals. Social media is one of them. That's why I developed Social Antrepreneur; to support self-employed people with their social media strategies. The service is based on a strategy I myself as a social media consultant implemented and executed in a year. It took me from 0 assignments to being fully booked in under a year.


Your greatest asset as a self-employed, which many larger companies struggle with, is finding and developing a personal voice, image and values other people can relate to. Trust is key. But trust takes time to build. People buy from other people, and Social Antrepreneur helps the self-employed person develop a personal brand and build relationships with the audience, to then convert them into loyal customers.

Stop chasing customers, and start attracting.


Your subscription of $40 includes

Social Sam Image Collage Images Website.png

20 high-quality images

Are you not a photographer? Hard to find time to take creative photos? Don't stress, rock star. We will fix it for you. Antrepreneur delivers beautiful, high-quality and seasonal images right into your inbox.

Image by Jason Leung

20 customizable captions

Forget the stress and the anxiety it causes. By being a member of Antrepreneur, you get 20 eye-catching and customizable captions that you can tailor to you and your company. The captions are written to tell your story, capture attention and start conversations in your comment field, so you can increase your engagement and start dialogues with your future customers.

Social Sam Image Collage Calendar Website.png

Monthly plan

You get a monthly calendar full of important dates and ideas, so you can publish consistent and relevant content. You also get insights and tips on activities for inspiration. Ready to grow?

Network of passionate entrepreneurs

As a member of Social Antrepreneur, you will be invited to an exclusive group of like-minded self-employed people and entrepreneurs. In this group you can see webinars to sharpen your skills in social media, join workshops, connect with other members, gain & share insights and successes, collaborate and support each other towards increased profitability. This is what we call success!

I'm ready to grow

on social media !

(Try it - you can quit whenever you want!)

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